Case Studies

Diesel Emission Sensor

A high temperature diesel emission sensor, used at above 1000 degrees Centigrade, uses Inconel tube which is laser welded to an Inconel machined part.

Maxillo Facial Parts

Two titanium machined parts for medical use house a magnet.

Tungsten Probes

A very precisely ground profiled tip was ground onto a fine (1mm diameter) tungsten rod.

Flow Turbine Tubes

A turbine to measure the rate of flow of a fluid requires it to enter the turbine area in a unidirectional manner.

Opto Electronics

Laser welding a Kovar tube inside a stainless steel tube before a glass fibre is placed through the assembly ensures that the glass fibre remains intact as the laser welded assembly heats up and cools down.

Inconel Seal

An Inconel precision machined part used in conjunction with two ceramic ground cones, is used to create a high pressure seal.


A miniature barbed stainless steel tube needs to be bent at 90 degrees without damaging the barb.

Miniature Tube Assembly

Two miniature stainless stell tubes seam welded together by laser and was held to maintain straightness between a sleeve and the tube.

Profiled Tube Assembly

Our customer required a housing for a small printed circuit board together with its associated connector.

Superelastic Nitinol

A superelastic nitinol needle with a “hooked” end was collapsed and pushed along a stainless steel needle to allow it to penetrate into tissue.