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We offer a bespoke design service to medical device, scientific, and specialist engineering companies.

For new products and products undergoing design changes, we meet with customers, get to understand the functional requirements of the end product and work together to realize solutions using the full range of materials and processes open to us. Via an open exchange of design ideas, we arrive at manufacturing solutions for medical device and other assemblies which are both functional and economic.

Manufacturing routes for such miniature assemblies might include laser cutting, CNC miniature part machining, specialist metal forming, micro-welding or vacuum brazing techniques.

By Attica being involved from the earliest stage, our customers receive the benefits of a seamless transition from design through prototype to pilot- and full-scale manufacturing.

Attica provides design support tailored to customers’ requirements. Ranging from initial product design to design change for manufacture, Attica engineers endeavour to understand the functional requirements of the product in order to deliver the optimal design solution.

Attica employs its manufacturing expertise to arrive at design solutions which are both functional and economic. Support is provided throughout the product development, from prototype to full-scale manufacture.