• Precision cut metal Ribbons and Strips

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Metal Forms / Ribbon / Strip

Titanium foil, stainless steel strip and foil, nickel alloy strip, rhenium strip, cobalt and beryllium copper strip and foil are all available from Attica.

These specialist foils and metal strips are used by our customers in the medical device, aerospace, renewable energy and metal joining industries. Metal foil and metal strip can be laser cut, fine blanked, chemically etched, stamped or deep drawn into finished product.

Titanium strip and stainless steel strip as thin as 10 microns can be supplied. Fine blanked and stamped miniature components are supplied, made from metal strip and foil, including stainless steel and beryllium copper strip. These fine blanked strips are used for radiofrequency shielding, specialised electrical connectors, special springs and other applications.

Stainless steel strip, rhenium strip, nickel alloy and titanium foils can be laser welded or diamond-tip resistance welded as part of a finished assembly. Rhenium strip and rhenium tungsten alloy strip are used where high temperatures are present. Rhenium wire and rhenium foil are used in thermocouple applications.