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Miniature Tubes and Needles

Attica produces hypodermic needles, biopsy needles and other speciality miniature tube products, such as precision thin walled tubes, by tube bending, tube machining, laser cutting tube and other tube forming techniques. Miniature tubes and micro-tubes can be swaged, reducing the diameter along part of their length, creating a funnel-effect in the tube.

Flared tubes are made by “push-pointing”, forcing a mandrel into the end of a tube to increase its diameter, at the same time making its wall thinner at one end. Grinding the end of a tube produces a bevel end, which gives a sharp point for introducing a needle through soft tissue or skin.

Speciality needles can be made by a combination of grinding a bevel point, micro-joining to a luer or hub, by laser welding or crimping, and bending or forming the needle to suit the application. Biopsy needles are used to extract tissue. We work with medical device companies to ensure that biopsy needles and drug delivery systems are effective in their function. Most medical devices require the use of stainless steel, but other exotic metals and alloys including titanium and platinum are also available as miniature tubes.

Laser cutting is used to produce a highly consistent, burr-free cut, either in the wall of miniature tube, or to cut the end in a particular shape. We can laser-cut tubes between 0.3mm diameter and 30mm diameter.

Stents are cut from stainless steel tube and nitinol tube for a wide variety of medical applications.