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Precision Tubes

One of our key specialities is processing tubes made to exacting high tolerance tubing made from a wide range of metals and alloys. Tubes with diameters between 0.5mm and 50mm are supplied, with walls as thin as 50 microns (0.050mm). Whilst the majority of our products are made from stainless steel, we also supply thin-wall tubes made from titanium, brass, copper, phosphor bronze, nickel silver and precious metals,

High precision tubes are used in a variety of drug delivery and sensor applications, from pressure sensors to temperature sensors. The use of thin walled tubes, made from strong materials including stainless steel, titanium and nitinol, reduce weight where this is a consideration and of course reduce space requirements. Other applications for special tubes include process industries, the oil and gas industry, high-specification printer applications, heat exchangers – infact many applications requiring delivery of a liquid or gas into a confined space.

Our tubes can be supplied in long lengths, laser-cut to length or with additional features. We can supply the tube as part of an assembly, comprising machined components laser welded or vacuum brazed to the tube.