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About Attica Components

Attica Components manufactures a unique range of miniature precision components and assemblies using laser cut stainless steels, various fine tubes and needles and an assortment of special and exotic metals.

Our component range includes precision tubes and needles, CNC miniature machined parts, wire-forms, laser-cut foils and sheet. Using laser welding and other micro-welding and brazing techniques, we’re able to join a variety of manufactured parts and assemblies to create the highest quality precision components for a wide range of industries.

Using our experience and knowledge, we guide our­­­­ clients through available processes and manufacturability of any items before launching full-scale production.

Our expertise allows us to advise on the economic and technical options available for design and manufacturing processes to ensure the most cost-effective and high-quality manufacture of bespoke precision components, no matter their final application. We work in a range of sectors including aerospace, medical, robotics, automotive and electronics, producing everything from micro stents through to thin wall stainless steel tubes. Just get in touch today.


Specialists in the development of parts and small batches.


Traceability processes and rigorous testing procedures.


Working with fast turnaround times.


Priced fairly and in line with our clients’ budgets.


Always ensuring our client’s specifications are met


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Example Projects

Some of our recent projects & components

Working across six sectors and proudly based in the heart of the UK, Attica has successfully delivered on a multitude of projects since inception. Varying from manufacture and assembly to procurement, our specialist team work to exacting standards and providing competent, high-quality solutions time and time again. Find out more about a selection of the projects and precision components we’ve worked on by clicking the links below.

Welded Sensor

Tungsten Tips

Temperature Probes


Pressure Probe

Intubating Laryngeal

Formed Wire Spring

Miniature Probe

Laser Cutting

Wedge Tips

Miniature Coils

Flesh Ablation

Laser Welding

Active Rings

Dongnut Jammer

Quality Manufacture

When it comes to precision components, only the highest quality will do. This becomes more true when working with miniature components where micron precision is required for success. Attica Components know this. We manufacture only the highest quality precision components for every one of our customers.

Perfection is in everything we do. From the laser cutting of nitinol for the manufacture of medical stent parts to CNC engineering of aerospace precision components, we produce excellent quality results to bespoke specifications and designs.


Precision Components For A Range Of Industries







Robotics & Automation

Robotics & Automation



Scientific & Instruments

Scientific & Instruments



Manufacturing Capabilities

Attica Components specialises in the miniature precision component manufacturing for a range of industries. We have expertise in laser cutting, laser welding, Swiss-Type CNC machining, tube forming, and manipulation – as well as other processes available to meet your specific requirements. If you’re looking for a reliable precision component manufacturer with an established reputation for quality, then contact us today or view more information about our capabilities.

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