Thin Wall & Micro Tubes

Attica Components are miniature precision engineering experts. We manufacture a range of precision tubes, including thin wall and micro tubes. These specialised components can be manufactured from a wide selection of materials, including mild and stainless steels, to suit applications within medical, aerospace, automotive, robotics and other industries.

Thin wall tubes are available with wall thicknesses from as thin as 50 microns (0.05mm) Through our tube manipulation techniques, including precision laser cutting and CNC sliding head machining, we’re able to manufacture micro tubes for a range of highly specialised applications. For example, stents for medical use through to flow tubes.

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Thin Wall Steel Tubes

Thin wall steel tubes can be manufactured from mild or stainless steel, grades 303, 304 and 316. Steel has unique properties that lend it to a range of applications, including needles for medical use or flow tubes to carry specific substances or gases that might react with or corrode other metals.

We can supply lengths of straight thin wall steel tubes, or can use laser cutting techniques to cut the tubing to your specifications. We have a range of tube manipulation processes also available to further enhance thin wall steel tubing to suit specific applications.

Micro Tubes

Micro tubes, of diameters from 0.3mm to 30mm, can be swaged, reducing the diameter along part of their length and creating a funnel-effect in the tube. Flared tubes are made by “push-pointing”; forcing a mandrel into the end of a tube to increase its diameter and, at the same time, making its wall thinner at one end. Grinding the end of a tube produces a bevel end, which gives a sharp point needed in such applications as needle manufacturing.

Many of our thin wall tube manufacturing work combines tube manufacturing with other processes such as laser welding or cutting to create complete components.

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Other Tubing Materials

While the majority of our thin wall tubes are made from stainless steel, we also manufacture tubes from other materials including:

  • Stainless Steels
  • Nickel & nickel alloys
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Precious metals
  • Titanium

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Examples of Micro Tubes

Precision micro tubes and thin wall tubes are used in a variety of drug delivery and sensor applications, as well as in process industries, the oil and gas industry, high-specification printer applications and heat exchangers. Wherever delivery of a liquid or gas into a confined space is required, a thin wall tube made from strong material is often used.

Flow Tubes

Flow tubes transport substances or gases in a pressurised, or sometimes high temperature, environment. To manufacture flow tubes, an assembly is required of three thin wall stainless steel tubes placed in parallel. The tubes are lightly tack-welded by laser to keep them in the correct configuration relative to each other to function effectively.

Optoelectronic Components

These optoelectronic components require both a nickel-iron-cobalt (kovar alloy) tube and a stainless steel tube. The two must be of relatively thin wall thickness and the kovar alloy tube is placed inside the stainless steel tube. We then use laser welding to join the tube.

Kovar is used in this application due to its unique properties. It’s effective as a glass to metal, or ceramic to metal, seal and has low thermal expansion, similar to high-borosilicate glass. This means it is frequently used for glass-metal seals in x-ray tubes or glass lasers. It is sometimes desirable for a sealing assembly to be manufactured from kovar plus some other alloy, such as stainless steel, as is the case here. This gives added strength and allows the component to handle different applications. Similarly, nickel-iron alloys are used as radiofrequency shields, but can be welded to stainless steel components by laser welding.

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