Wire Erosion EDM

Wire erosion (spark) EDM

Here at Attica Components we have a great deal of experience with wire erosion EDM (electro-discharge machining), also known as spark EDM, and work closely with businesses across a wide spectrum of sectors, such as medical, robotics, nuclear, automotive and aerospace.

Established in 1994 specialising in the manufacture of miniature metal components we swiftly gained a reputation for producing high quality precision machined components. We have kept at the forefront of new developments in the manufacture of precision miniature components and pride ourselves on our capabilities and dedication for consistently producing high quality components and parts.

Our highly skilled workforce have an impressive record of manufacturing components of the highest quality with fast turn around times while delivering first class customer service. We are audited and assured to ISO 9001 standards and invest in the expertise of our team and in our capabilities which ensure we maintain our high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

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What is wire erosion EDM?

EDM is a non-traditional electro-thermal method of cutting hard conductive materials with extremely high precision. It is a highly valuable method of cutting because it is capable of cutting metals no matter what physical properties they have, so long as they are conductive. It is also capable of cutting complex shapes and requires relatively little force so can be used to cut delicate or fragile materials as they won’t be damaged by mechanical energy common in traditional cutting methods.

It utilises a very thin heated wire as an electrode which is passed through the workpiece to be cut and the workpiece is submerged in a non-conductive fluid or dielectric (usually demonised water). An electric current is passed through the electrode which generates high-frequency spark discharges, cutting through the work piece. The dielectric fluid serves to cool the workpiece, acts to conduct the current and flushes away the debris generated from the cutting process. An automatic wire feeder ensures that the electrode wire doesn’t wear down and provides consistent cutting capability and a diamond guide securely holds the wire in place.
There is no direct contact between the electrode and the work piece which results in zero burrs or distortions and very clean, precise cuts which require no post-machining finishing of the cut area.

Why use wire erosion EDM?

High precision

High dimensional accuracy making it ideal for close fitting parts and capable of precision down to 4 microns.

Cost effective

It is faster compared to conventional electrical discharge machining techniques resulting in a more cost effective process.

Complex capabilities

Capable of highly complex 3 dimensional cutting patterns as well as simple shapes.

Highly consistent

Conventional cutting tools can wear down during the cutting process but the cycling of the wire in wire EDM lends itself to consistent quality.

Minimal residual stress

The tool and workpiece don’t make contact and so the process causes very little residual stress and so has little effect on the mechanical properties of the material.

Minimal finishing required

As the tool doesn’t make contact with the workpiece minimal burrs are caused meaning less finishing of the workpiece is required.


Wire erosions can be used to cut almost any conductive metal, some of the materials we work with include:

  • Tungsten carbide
  • Titanium
  • Hardened steels
  • Aluminium
  • Exotic steel alloys

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